MoM #106 – African art

African art was my inspiration this time.  I started with bubbles in a glass, then added figures… and played with the images. Here are four of the takes on my first set of African art. Simplify…. I tried to take something away every time to leave it as simple as possible.

African art RSrsAfrican art RSas


African art RS

Mandarin Orange Monday


I have been very lazy in my digital art lately. I will have to try to get my artistic flow going.  My motto is: Inspiration exists but it has to find you  working (Pablo Picasso. ) I have lazy in this field, my digital art,  but  I have been active photographing.  Here we go , topic was Frida Kahlo.

Frida6 Frida Frida4 Frida5 Frida2 Frida1 Frida7 Frida9

More at this  link 08/2014 ***FRIDA KAHLO***

MoM #103 – breaking free

breaking free-2 breaking free-4 breaking free-1 breaking free

 I did 4 versions on this image for MoM. Topic  – breaking free  – free from news, information, maybe you can see where I am going in the flow of creating this image as you scroll( hopefully) down the pictures. trying to find peace,  as all information coming  from media etc. is so depressing…



Mandarin Orange Monday

Impressions of the world as I see it


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