Fall Fearless and Fly

Fall Fearless and Fly

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13 thoughts on “Fall Fearless and Fly

  1. Janet October 10, 2012 / 05:20

    Wow. Very intense. Full of emotion. Full of color. Full of depth. I love it! Good job!

  2. maggie October 8, 2012 / 16:37

    I love the fiery orange and the way it becomes the cool purple at the bottom. Beautiful!

  3. Susan Being Snippy October 8, 2012 / 00:13

    your concept is so different! I am enchanted by the image and what else there might be behind and in front of it, takes a bit of time to study and consider it. Thanks for the bit of beauty you have added to my day!

  4. Linda K October 5, 2012 / 15:48

    what a lovely and haunting piece!

  5. MissyK October 5, 2012 / 15:29

    I’m stunned again. I’ve never seen anything like your work before! I love it!!!!


  6. Tracy October 4, 2012 / 11:23

    I love the way the woman’s hair looks like the sunset! So vibrant.

  7. Caroline October 3, 2012 / 06:58

    Totallt gorgeous! I love your layers and especially the lamp posts =)

  8. Jessica Sporn October 2, 2012 / 23:39

    This has so much mood and emotion. I love the progression of warm to cool colors, and the boat in the distance. Just gorgeous. Thanks for joining us at FF&F!

  9. Carolyn Dube October 2, 2012 / 22:59

    Wow! Such mystery in this piece the way you created the layers. So glad you joined Fall Fearless and Fly!

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