Fall Fearless and Fly Challenge #7


Fall Fearless and Fly Challenge #7


Color Prompt: Yellow
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8 thoughts on “Fall Fearless and Fly Challenge #7

  1. anniebella1 January 14, 2013 / 05:55

    I found you through Fall Fearless and Fly. I love how you interpreted the yellow prompt.

  2. Shari Nelson January 8, 2013 / 06:21

    Very beautiful! I saw this on Fall Fearless, and Fly #7.

  3. Leah January 7, 2013 / 00:37

    Wow, this is dazzling and so engaging to look at. Those traveling human figures and the tree. . . perfectly placed. 🙂

  4. Linda K January 5, 2013 / 20:16

    what a captivating piece- I totally love it!!

  5. Susan January 4, 2013 / 23:52

    this looks so mystical. Love all the different shades of yellow that you’ve used

  6. Sara Jansen January 2, 2013 / 09:29

    I was completely drawn into this piece…and keep finding new things to discover…a wonderful piece of art

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