FRIENDS for Three Muses

Friends are important from very young age, here are two little girlfriends. I did three versions of the same photo of mine. I feel there is a slightly different feel in all of them

friendship (1 of 1)-2 friendship (1 of 1)-3

friendship (1 of 1)

More at Three Muses : FRIENDS


3 thoughts on “FRIENDS for Three Muses

  1. pam August 17, 2014 / 08:00

    looking forward to seeing more of your work! so far, i’m loving your layers 🙂

  2. sim August 15, 2014 / 15:14

    Oh yes, Ritva, you’ve got the groove! 😀
    Your work is always so awesome and delicate at the same time…
    I’m happy of your return! 🙂

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