Geometric art (159 of 241)-002

Geometric art (159 of 241)-003

Geometric art (159 of 241)


6 thoughts on “GEOMETRIC FRIDAY #1

  1. I like how you adjusted the photos-they remind me of a quote that was said several times in a book I just finished; “Nothing in the world is at it seems– it’s all a matter of light and angles.” ‘-Miss New India’-Bharati Mukherjee
    The third piece reminds me of laser light art.

  2. Thank you Ritva!! You managed to have time to make geometric art for the first week! The progression is really interesting…and your approach very different to mine.. .I like it very much! Hope you will have time to join in regularly. I know what you mean about changes and time for art… I started working part time again (not teaching art this time to teenagers …but 6 and 7 year olds all subjects- i love it..but sometimes I find Year 3/4 Maths a bit challenging !!! and have to make sure I am prepared. There is also a grandson to mind (I love doing that) and I know you have children to look after. Hope your changes are happy/fun ones and hope we both still make time for art. The memes (other peoples too) really inspire me. BtW, it was you who introduced me to Feline Art Friday:) Must try to keep up with that one:)

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