MoM #106 – African art

African art was my inspiration this time.  I started with bubbles in a glass, then added figures… and played with the images. Here are four of the takes on my first set of African art. Simplify…. I tried to take something away every time to leave it as simple as possible.

African art RSrsAfrican art RSas


African art RS

Mandarin Orange Monday

7 thoughts on “MoM #106 – African art

  1. rachel27b August 22, 2014 / 20:21

    These are beautiful. The first one is definitely my favourite.

  2. Lorik August 19, 2014 / 08:24

    A really interesting progression…and I like the idea of taking one thing out at a time. My favourite is the first , the one you shared on MoM, but I do very much like the second last one too. Thanks for finding the time to join in both memes this week. And good luck with your new job Ritva:) I just accepted another class today too… 5 weeks teaching Creative Writing.. I will really enjoy it…but…. I will have to try to do just one pic for each meme…as you might have to do too:))

  3. sal:allonestring August 18, 2014 / 13:52

    Wonderful – I particularly like the colours in the second and third image.

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