MoM #125~Birds

Fire (2) Fire (1)

My entry for MoM this week. Playing with layers, with fire and air… birds.


8 thoughts on “MoM #125~Birds

  1. the dune mouse February 21, 2015 / 06:46

    Gorgeous work Ritva so full of feeling and motion!! All of these series!!!!

    • Ritva's ART / Ritva Sillanmäki February 21, 2015 / 09:26

      Digital art is so fun, I am trying toget into the groove again…glad you found emotion here. that is so important to me to hear

  2. BLOGitse January 27, 2015 / 17:25

    wow, nämä on tosi hienoja, molemmat! Cool works, both!

  3. jane January 27, 2015 / 03:26

    Interesting layering-I like the warm vs cool effect!

  4. NatureFootstep Photo January 25, 2015 / 17:27

    Nice artwork. Love the colros and birds.
    I also have fires today but not birds And very different from your soft artwork. 🙂

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